2018 March Favorites

Every few months I’m somewhere new and I tend to discover new things along the way that I want to share. Here are 5 things that I’ve been obsessed with lately. 


1- Universe by EXO: EXO is one of the first Kpop bands I started to listen to. Call Me Baby is iconic and they never fail to please. However, lately their music style has changed a lot and their album, The War, has left given me a new found appreciation for them. Universe is their 2017 holiday album and it’s very melodic and low key. The songs have a lot of feeling and emotion to them, especially Been Through which I have been binging non stop. I highly suggest listening to this album for when you want something calm and catchy to study to or listen to in the car.



2- Thor Ragnarok: I watched this movie on a chill night after arriving in London. I am a sucker for a good Superhero movie, but I really wasn’t expecting much with this one. I wasn’t a huge fan of the other two Thor movies. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved watching this movie. It’s a bit cheesy, but the good kind. At first I kept thinking, this is much too funny, but after finishing it I came to the conclusion it was an amazing amount. Marvel is incredibly skilled at creating a very light and upbeat setting for such dark plots. The movie is colorful, feel good, and the characterization of the leading lady and the Hulk is beyond fantastic.



3- Matcha Protein: While I was living in Japan for work in October, I was lucky enough to be living right across the street from Flux Cafe, a small cafe connected to a private fitness gym and spa. They have all kinds of healthy Japanese dishes to choose from, as well as some roasted sweet potatoes you can grab on the go. Every morning after my workout I would pop in here and order a cup of matcha protein and a sweet potato. In order to maintain my weight, I have to consume a minimum of 60 grams of protein a day. One serving of this matcha protein, mixed with some cold green tea provides me with 20 grams of protein! There is no added sugar and is only around 150 calories! I’ve tried out a lot of protein powder throughout my time dieting, and this stuff has been the only thing I can drink without forcing myself! Sadly, I cannot find a way to have them ship the protein powder outside of Japan. However, if you’re ever in Japan they sell it on amazon.jp so even if you’re not in Tokyo you can get a taste! Here is a link to their website.



4- It Gets Worse by Shane Dawson: Did you ever watch Shane Dawson screaming profanities at himself in wigs and cracking disgusting jokes on YouTube back in the 2000’s? I used to love watching him during his hair straightener, emo kid, confusing humor but with a message stage of creativity. However, I quickly grew out of it and moved onto beauty gurus for a long time. Recently, however, he has become my favorite youtuber again. He has changed his entire format from offensive skits, to eating videos, conspiracy theories, and now to documentary style vlogs. His new style is binge worthy, I’ve seen every single one. I just had to buy his book at Target for the flight to London and it did not disappoint. His essays are easy to read and impossible to put down as you get a glance into why he’s just so fucked up.




5- Fivver: I know that this website is quite well known, but I never really thought that there was anything for me on it until I really looked into it. I’ve always wanted to draw a cute chibi of myself, but always got too frustrated with my limited skills along the way and gave up. On Fivver I paid someone only 15 dollars to help me achieve this small but adorable dream. It was definitely worth the money!

Thanks so much for reading. If you have any recommendations for me, please share! 


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