Food of Vietnam

While I was in Vietnam, shooting for Peach John (a large Japanese lingerie, swimsuit, and home-wear brand), the client bought me a lot of food, and I mean A LOT. Every meal was a buffet of fabulous foods. I would like you to keep in mind that I was with a team that spoke no English and was also very tired this entire trip so I don’t remember all the names of the things and the places I ate, but I tried my best to remember.



My first meal in Da Nang was at Bun Cha ca Ong Ta. This place is well known for it’s fish cake noodle soups. It was very appetizing, a local eatery, very casual and filling.

Honestly, all I wanted was a simple salad for dinner. At the hotel, Naman Retreat, we sat down all together and munched on this little mini buffet. I ate the mango salad while the others scarfed down the spring rolls, beef, rice, crab cakes and others. 

Lunch at another hotel after a long, long morning of shooting. It was a beautiful place with a beautiful view of the ocean. I was too tired to ask the name. When we sat down I had a cup of tea and then they pulled me back into shooting after ordering all the yummy food. The place was extra fancy and exquisite. The service was very good and helpful. Once again, all I really wanted was a salad so I was disappointing when I ordered one and a some weirdly spicy grapefruit salad came. Everyone ordered mountains of rice and Vietnamese pancakes. I nibbled on anything I could and devoured my first ever bowl of chicken pho; was amazing.


Here I am, sadly trying to look beautiful as I waited for my food with extreme hunger pains.

Dessert was EVERYTHING! If you ever have the chance you MUST try Vietnam’s banana pudding! Beside it was a Creme Brulee and a tart, all delicious!


During desserts I drowned myself in tea and everyone else on the team tried Vietnamese coffee. It smelled amazing, but was extremely bitter and not to my taste. Even after some people added milk and sugar it was quite bitter!


There we all are, taking a picture as the food entices me and I give in, reaching out for a spring roll!


The next day we went to the Baby Mustard Restaurant Cooking Class! It was a very nice restaurant on the casual side. You can ride your bike there and look out onto the fields as you enjoy some tofu and passion fruit juice!

Once again everyone ate some Vietnamese pancakes and I tried ordering another salad. There was also some yummy soup and everyone guzzled down beer.


No break for me! Still have to shoot while eating. I’m not good at cute eating, was slightly stressful.

One of my last meals in Vietnam that I really enjoyed was at the cooking school in Hoi Ain Ancient Town. There I had some amazing tea and tofu!


Too hungry and tired for pictures.


Thanks so much for reading! I know that this post wasn’t helpful, but it was fun to write! Vietnam has many wonderful foods and restaurants and I highly suggest going and trying them out. Stray away from the Pho and try some tofu!

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