Shooting for Ruki’s (of The Gazette) Brand, Nil Due/ Nil Un

If you know anything about Jrock, you’ve definately heard of The Gazette, one of the most successful Jrock bands out there. When you google Jrock, their picture is the second to pop up. 2 years ago I actually saw them live in New York. My boyfriend at the time was obsessed with them and even though I wasn’t a die hard fan, I enjoyed and respected their music. They put on an amazing and memorable show that I really enjoyed. It’s funny though, I actually had no idea it was Ruki’s brand I was shooting for until the very end of our day together, we models are usually left with little to no information, only given to us when we ask usually.
It was a very cold and rainy morning and I dragged all my things from my Airbnb to the shooting because I had to go to the airport hotel afterwards, it was my very last day in Tokyo. I met with the team in Shibuya and then we took a taxi to a bus that took us to a house where we did hair and make up and then took us to the shooting location which was an old trailer in front of the Hanada airport.

I was shooting alongside with Liviu, a Romanian male model who very proudly walked for Gucci once.

We talked and even got along quite well, which is rare for me at a shoot. We laughed the entire day as we tried to do some cute couple shots.


“Go ahead, sit on him!” ~ Photographer

It was so cold and I was hungry. After that location we went to a taco place where I ate too many chicken tacos since there were no vegetarian ones and Liviu took a picture of me in my over sized sweatshirt, tinted red sunglasses and thigh high red boots that made me look like a very stylish person.

Those boots though, very uncomfortable to walk in. I fell over on the bike because the boots were too big and I couldn’t stay balanced. I got stuck in between the concrete and the bike for a bit, was not fun.

We laughed hysterically together as the team waited for us to get on with the shoot. Then the designer’s assistant came up to me,
“Emma, did you post something on Instagram?”
“Hmm? Yeah, just a picture of me that Liviu took.” I said. “Should I take it down?”
“Yeah, it’s a secret that Ruki is here.”
“Ruki?” I looked over at the small guy, makeupless with a face mask and hat on. There was no way in hell you could tell it HE was Ruki, the lead singer of the Gazette. I stood there astonished as I stared at the picture and looked at who exactly had viewed my story. There his instagram handle was, Ruki was watching MY instagram story.
“Is he watching yours?” I asked Liviu.
“No, he doesn’t care about me because I’m a boy.”
I let out a laugh and deleted the photo.

I was a little starstruck. We then went to shoot some stuff at night, back near the airport, where I had to lie in the middle of the road and then run to the sidewalk every few minutes when a large truck was approaching to come and squish me, just a usual day at work; seriously.

After we shot some more awkward and hilarious couple photos in the cold and rain I walked up to Ruki and asked for a picture together. Even though I spoke Japanese he would only talk to me through his assistant, I think he was just embarrassed about his English. She said as long as I kept it a secret and never posted it, it would be okay. I agreed, since I just wanted to rub it in my ex boyfriend’s face; he sadly didn’t seem to care all that much but I like to pretend it eats away at him sometimes. I can’t show you my photo with him since I promised, but I can show you some more photos from the shoot!

If you go to Ruki’s brand’s website there is even more photos on the homepage, laid out quite beautifully.

There is also a video posted on their website of the shoot, just in case I also uploaded it to my YouTube page.

Overall, it was really fun working with Ruki, I was just very tired from working in Vietnam just before this and worrying about catching the last limousine bus to Narita, which I did luckily! I should have come more properly prepared with my own snacks since the shooting was on location, because my hanger is always a problem at shoots. Therefore, I don’t think I was the sweetest and easiest model. I hope that Ruki can forgive me and that I can work with him again. Thanks to all the cute and supportive fans of his who started to follow me after the photos were released.

I also want to thank Liviu for making my last job in Tokyo a really fun and memorable one, I really enjoyed our short time together and hope we will meet again someday.


You can follow him on Instagram @liviuscortanu

Thanks so much for reading! Follow me on Instagram so Marc Jacobs will finally book me @emmakarla77

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