Walking in Tokyo Fashion Week

Europe didn’t want me, but Japan sure loves me. I went to more than a hundred castings for shows in New York and Milan and not a single casting director thought I had the chops to walk for their clients, but in Tokyo I walked for 8 designers and had a lot of fun doing it! Who cares about Prada and Gucci when you got cool new, up and coming designers ready to make you one of the faces of their brand.

Tokyo Amazon Fashion Week 2018 s/s was crazy and stressful, but there was a lot of food (on some days) and a lot of girls to keep me company with hours of waiting and constantly going back and forth to hair and make up. We didn’t get paid well, nor will it help us in the long run with our careers, but I’m happy to have the experience.


The first show was for Perminute. Backstage was slightly high stress as everyone rushed for last minute photos, touch ups, and wardrobe fixes. It was a good show though, quick and smooth.

I’m the one on the right. I wish I had the original photo so you could see that I don’t actually have three chins, still a cute drawing though 🙂 

Back into hair and make up and into the next show of the day which was one of my favorites, Ryota Murakami!



The clothes were so amazing and I loved the dolls as well as my outfit!

Things are always tense and rushed backstage though and my hat wasn’t pinned well in the madness so it fell off halfway through my walk, thank God I caught it! I couldn’t get it to stay back on so I had to hold it the rest of the way.

The heels were difficult to walk in, but so worth the pain! People were complaining but I just held one shoe in hand backstage until we lined up so my feet weren’t achy and sweaty by the time I got out there. We walked on a high platform above the audience who stood around and looked up at us with their phones in hand. The walk was very long and we had to turn corners a lot, there was a set of stairs at one point and it was really frightening for a moment. I took a lot of deep breaths while walking and tried not to rush too much. I needed to keep a straight face and not get flustered. I focused on my steps and keeping my back straight. Thankfully, my walk wasn’t too horrible… besides when I lost my hat, but I didn’t get too red luckily.

Thank you to Ryota Murakami for letting me walk in your show! Send me that skirt!

Next up was Henrik Vibskov, a dutch brand. This show was very chill, no crazy last minute changes or anything. An old friend of mine from Korea actually walked in it with me, I was surprised to see him and never thought we would model together.


IMG_7367Even though all of us models just change right there backstage without any sort of private dressing rooms, there was still one side given to the girls and the other to the boys (sort of) and for some reason I wass assigner to a rack that was on the boys side in a little corner with my cute little changing helper girl. I was lonely and only knew one of the boys near me. I stood there and listened to him and his friends talk about tattoos, banging chicks and other stuff that I didn’t really understand or care about. The changing girls who stood by me mentioned that they were all so cool. I stood there awkward and quiet.





Day 1 was over, only two more to go! Next up, Keisuke Dayoshi! His brand is very 70’s style, I felt like I was in an episode of Scooby Doo (my favorite show as a kid)! Where is the mystery machine at?

This day was hard on me because I had a website job from 6 AM to 9 AM just before this. I woke up at 5 AM, ate some oatmeal, and then a driver picked me up at my apartment and took me to the shooting place. The job was easy and the client was nice enough to drop me off at the show place. I took a nap on some chairs while everyone else got their hair and make up done.

You can’t see my shoes but they were so cool and although incredibly tall, very easy to walk in!

I thought because my pants were corduroy (doesn’t wrinkle) that I could sit on the ground while we waited for the show to start, there is lots of waiting sometimes. I was wrong and someone brought me a chair. 

A model from my agency, Flo, and I had almost every show together and often were found laughing and talking backstage so most of our photos are together. 

Next up on Day 2 was Akiko Aoki. This designer was a very cute girl whom I really enjoyed working with. Her designs were really stunning and I loved every outfit, especially my pink dress.

The shoes were a little big on me, I am cursed with extremely small feet for a my height and so the shoes at shows are ALWAYS too big since other models are usually a size 10 and I’m a 7.5. Therefore, they have to stuff them with toilet paper, which is very uncomfortable. However, these shoes were see through so toilet paper was not an option and instead she bought me these clear, sticky insoles that really worked, until I put on the sheer socks that made me slide around. It was very hard to walk in them as my feet would slide back and forth inside the shoe, but thankfully I succeeded in the end without tripping over myself.

When you’re the only one in the line who CANT speak Polish!


Although no one in the fashion industry really counts this, it was my first magazine cover and I think it’s pretty damn cool! I wish I would have been able to grab a copy for myself.

Last show of the day, everyone is tired and the vegans haven’t been well fed this time around so 70% of us are very hangry. Moto Guo, a Malaysian brand with a very out there style that I absolutely love!

My outfits were on the safer side, while my friends and other models got to work with some pretty crazy and out there props.

Boys in diapers and balls in mouths, I was so jealous of my friend Sabine with the tennis ball! I like doing the weird stuff.


There were a lot of Japanese models in this show, but I was too tired and nervous to talk to any of them. It’s very scary to talk in Japanese sometimes out of fear that I’ll say something stupid on accident. The designers didn’t speak any Japanese though and they were a pair of really cool, chill guys. One was even rocking a mullet!


My next show isn’t for another few days, thank goodness because I woke up the next morning from these shows with a very puffy and red face alone with weird bumps surrounding my eyes. It was only slightly painful and I only had a couple of castings thankfully, but it was worrying. On the bright side, I looked a bit similar to Dabi from My Hero Academia!


Last set of shows, finally! Everyone was really happy and excited backstage for this one because we were all pretty much done after this set and they bought us some fantastic vegan sandwiches this time! Next up, Memuse, a brand by an adorable Lolita style girl with her own all female rock band!

They wanted to change my outfit last minute from the Chinese doll one to another maid style one that would cover my face. My tiny feet saved me though, because the shoes for the Chinese doll outfit were too small for the other girl and her shoes were massive on me. I absolutely love both of my outfits for this show, I wanted to even buy the Chinese doll outfit honestly, but I doubt it’s within my price range.

Here I am with the designer herself!

In between outfits I had to change extremely fast because they had to change my make up and my hair along with it all! The little poofs on my pig tails were clipped into my head within seconds!

EVERYONE loved their outfit and we spent the entire time backstage taking photos together!


The last show, finally! The last and the weirdest was Mikio Sakabe.

I was very happy and excited for the craziness to end, but everyone else was on edge because the shoes were larger than my head and you could very easily break a leg with them on. We had to walk VERY slowly and we were on a high platform as well, it was scary but I was optimistic.

We all had red make up on our face to make us look like we were sort of sunburn, it was odd and at first I was self conscious but I think I rocked it.

Flo always makes the best expressions ^o^

Two polish girls and I sat down on a table and talked the entire time backstage while we waited. They asked me to tell them some Japanese history and I gladly told them some of the most interesting parts. They said they loved the way I talked about it and they enjoyed talking to me. Me internally: OMG I CAN SOCIALIZE?


I wanted to be weird and have a crazy wig like everyone else or the suit with the kagane/tentacle arms, but my boobs were too big for the tentacle suit and they wanted to show off my platinum blonde.

I still looked pretty cool

After that it was all over! These shows were only a few minutes long but the process for each individual show was usually around 4 hours. It was a hard couple of days and the castings leading up to them were very numerous as well. However, after fashion week everything got really slow and we all got a small break. After Mikio Sakabe we all went to the club actually to celebrate! It was fun and even though no one in the high fashion industry really cares if I walked for brands in Japan, I care and really enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll do another season soon.

Thanks for reading! Follow me on Instagram so Marc Jacobs will finally book me @emmakarla77




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