Harajuku’s Owl Cafes

You’ve probably heard of all the weird animal cafes in Japan that have tourists going crazy! Cat cafes are a real relaxing treat with cuddles and cuteness, bunny cafes are full of exciting balls of fluff to cuddle, while owl cafes are an extraordinary experience every bird and/or Harry Potter fan needs. Meeting an owl, touching one and holding one, it’s an interesting occurrence that I won’t forget.

This was my third time in Japan and Owl Cafes have gotten huge. The last time I was here there was only one up in Ikebukuro and you would have to stand in line for hours to get a glimpse at the owls. Now they are much more popular and have extended their reach towards Harajuku, one of my favorite parts of Tokyo. There are two right by the Harajuku Station and I highly suggest “Owl Village in Harajuku”. When you’re facing the entrance to Takashita street turn left and walk around 200 meters, there will be sign with owls on it to lead the way into the small cafe.

These pictures are not mine, this is the front area where you are allowed to drink and eat and I forgot to take pictures of it. It’s very small and cramped so if you have a large group you should make reservations online on their website beforehand (Don’t worry there is a lot of English)

This cafe is smaller, but more intimate than the one on Takashita street. They have these packages where you can pay 20 USD for 35 minutes with the owls, a drink, and a pastry or 15 USD for 35 minutes with them, a drink, and a souvenir. After ordering you sit in the common area and wait for your turn in the room with the owls so they aren’t overwhelmed.


They have very simple pastries, nothing to rave about. However, their green tea was very good and their cups are gorgeous (which you can buy!).

They have many different types of owls, each with their own name and personality. I wish I had the cute descriptions for all of them.

The team that takes care of them is very knowledgeable and will tell you things like their favorite and least favorite places to be touched and which ones enjoy it the most compared to others. At first I was nervous about petting some of them because they said that maybe some will bite, but the girl helped me slowly become comfortable with getting intimate with these creatures. The staff will also be there to take as many pictures of you as you like, just no flash.


These owls, Haku and Canon, loved to be pet on their face and are extremely soft. 


This guy is not a fan of being touched, “he’s the grumpy one” she said. 


He is cool with being held though, just a bit heavy. 

I really loved this experience because the staff was so helpful and you get a lot of time with the animals in an intimate setting. You can feed, hold, and pet the owls and the staff are willing to answer all your questions about them (they have great English skills).


Okay, there is another owl cafe in Harajuku that I went to with another friend. This one is located smack dab in the middle of Takashita street and also provides the opportunity to spend time to Bengal cats.


The cats and owls are of course separated onto different floors and you can pick which one you would like to go to, and there are packages that allow you to visit both but my friend has a cat allergy lol. 


This place didn’t have an actual cafe where you can buy drinks and food, but is a lot more aesthetically pleasing for pictures. They made a small maze in the underground cafe where you can walk in the fake forest to different tree branches where they sit.

They have a lot more owls here, but the experience is much less intimate. There are one or two you can pet, but the rest you can only admire from a far. You can’t hold any of them either but you can feed them during certain times of the day. The biggest con for me though was that the staff don’t really tell you anything about them. You’re on your own in here.

Both were definitely worth the money and I highly suggest going, especially if you always dreamed of your own Hedwig in your life. Which cafe you choose to go to depends on what exactly you want, but I hope I helped you make a choice.

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