Best Vegetarian & Vegan Food of Madrid

I had one month off in between model trips and it was either stay home and rot away on my couch or go to Madrid and spend time with my best friend in the world. I chose Madrid and I had a very chill and special time with her as we lived together once again after spending a year apart. 


For our first night together we decided to fulfill my cravings for good Vegan food and try out La Encomienda.

The atmosphere of this place is very nice, casual. I don’t feel weird about being a foreigner or eating alone here. Often times when I’m in Europe I feel odd eating alone and the waiters give me weird looks and ask me multiple times if I’m alone. Here you can go on a date or eat with the whole family or even read a book (although it can get really loud). Their normal dinner menu is not available until 8 pm, but they have full meal options along with apertivo before then. 

On our reunion date Ulyana tried her very first Veggie burger. She loved this quinoa patty and I tried a bite, it was definitely one of the best I had. Also for some reason every table had a rock, that was cute.

I had soy tacos that were extremely delicious along with Almond Soup (right pic). Their soups are very creative with surprising flavors that will leave you wanting more. We came back many times and I tried the Vegan Russian Borscht (left pic) with tofu scramble. Ulyana was a bit salty because it was nothing like actual borscht, but the weird flavors and thick texture was delicious and interesting.

Another place we visited was Tiyoweh La Quietud, a vegan restaurant owned by two women that was highly recommended on the internet.

When I first tried going I arrived at 12:45 and was unaware that they didn’t serve lunch until 1:30. There are no signs that say this, when I entered and sat down they handed me the lunch menu. However, they wouldn’t let me order. The atmosphere was very odd, I felt weird about being there and judged by the women. I really wanted to try the food though so I walked around a bit and came back at 1:30 on the dot. I hurried through my lunch in order to get in and out of there. The food was just so good I tried coming back with my mother when she visited, hoping they would be nicer. However, she agreed that they didn’t seem happy to see us and were reluctant to serve us. 

They make their own hummus right in front of you and it’s the best hummus I’ve ever had in my life. Along with that they have a lunch special where you can basically have a plate of different homemade vegan side dishes. The food is really well done and a must try, if only the atmosphere was more welcoming and relaxed it would have been an everyday place for me to visit. 

I wanted to have another veggie burger to compare to La Encomienda so I decided to go Viva Burger, a casual place with an array of very large vegan burgers.

This burger wasn’t as good as the one at La Enconmienda, but it was a completely different type of patty and good nonetheless. This place was very casual and had a lot of outdoor seating for everyone to enjoy. It is somewhat Hawaiian themed and many people were on dates here.

The next place I wanted to talk about is not vegan, but they have a few vegetarian dishes you can enjoy. Ulyana wanted to try true Spanish food so we went to Loreto Bar to try a Spanish omelette that did not disappoint. 

This place had a much cozier atmosphere, during the day it’s a nice coffee shop, perfect for catching up with friends or getting some work done and during the night it’s a fun and rambunctious bar packed with people.

The last place I wanted to mention is actually not located in Madrid, but is actually the best vegan meal I have ever had in my life. The place is called Atelier in Salamanca and I’m seriously considering moving there just so I can enjoy this food on a daily basis.

It’s a vegan tapas place with so many amazing options: pumpkin soup, quinoa and black bean vegan sliders, hummus, “chick’n strips”, salads, desserts, they had it all and it was all SO GOOD. The place is hidden in the backstreets of the beautiful city and definitely a must try. Ugh, what I wouldn’t give to hire that man as my personal chef!

We tried a lot of other places, but none were noteworthy like these. I hope I helped you out a bit on deciding which places were worth your time and money to try in Madrid. Thanks so much for reading.

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