5 of The Best Vegan Eats in Singapore

While modeling in Singapore I came across a group of models who were all vegan & vegetarian like myself. We all bonded and decided to try a new vegan place together once a week. It is rare for me to come across other vegetarians especially abroad, so I was ecstatic to share some meals with people whose plates I could eat off of. Here are some of my favorite places we tried.

#1- Real Food Cafe


The atmosphere of this place is very chill. The books on the shelves are a bit odd such as “How to Deal With Cancer”, but if you bring your own book you can happily enjoy it alongside a cup of tea or a healthy smoothie.

This chain vegan restaurant is only slightly on the expensive side, which is good for Singapore. I went to one vegan place around here and had a vegan patty for 30 USD, it was ridiculous. Here you can enjoy a filling meal alongside a drink for around 20 USD which isn’t too bad for the area honestly. They have lots of different choices such as salads, pasta, soups, risotto, and some damn good veggie burgers; I recommend the lentil burger.


I went a million times by myself, but when I went with my friend I had the pumpkin pancakes and she had the risotto, both were magnificent and filling despite what may look like small portions to an American girl like myself. They also had vegan desserts, but we never got to try any.

#2- Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe


This place is something I just completely stumbled upon while exploring Chinatown. Among all the crazy meat filled restaurants that occupy this area, there is this place right next to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It’s a salad bar but they have all sorts of amazing vegan things including veggie burgers, desserts, smoothies, and the Buddha bowl I had that blew my mind. I fell in love with this place, but discovered it too late and only got to enjoy it a few times. If you’re exploring Chinatown and are feeling peckish, this is the place to go.

#3- nomVnom


I love nomVnom, its a nice quick bite and the burgers are not bad. They have so many burgers to try, but my favorite was the cauliflower one. The plates are super simple and much more on the cheaper side. I suggest getting the sweet potato fries which aren’t greasy at all and basically just like eating a roasted sweet potato. The atmosphere is nice and I wouldn’t mind sitting there for awhile with a book, this one just happened to be in a large food court that’s a bit loud. They have a few locations throughout the city.

#4- VeganBurg


There is only one VeganBurg that I know of in Singapore and it’s a little bit out of the way, but if you’re in the area it’s a really nice vegan fast food place with gluten free options and a variety of choices with burgers. I know I talk about vegan burgers a lot, they are my favorite food so I like to try one in every country I visit.



A place we often went to visit in Singapore after dinner was a vegan ice cream place! There are a ton of flavors, my favorite being the chocolate, and the ice cream has the same taste and texture as the kind with dairy. They also serve pizza and other foods, but only their ice cream is vegan.



There are a few other vegan places in town, but these are the best out there from my experience in 2017. Singapore is very expensive, but these places are affordable and really worth a visit.

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