Gudetama Cafe, Osaka

During a fantastic weekend in Osaka I made it a must to go visit the Gudetama cafe! I had been to the one in Singapore and it was totally let down with overpriced food that wasn’t really all that tasty.


This is Japan though, and Japan never lets me down! In case you are wondering who this cute and relatable egg might be, he’s a character from Sanrio, the same company that created Hello Kitty. Gudetama translates into “lazy egg” and therefore perfectly sums up his personality; unmotivated, tired, lazy. It’s impossible not to love him.

Photo-24-12-15-5-28-17-PMThe Gudetama cafe in Osaka is on the 7th floor of HEP five shopping center near Osaka station. It looks quite small but it’s decently sized and not too overpriced unlike the usual character themed places.




The cafe is pretty popular and has little Gudetama cartoons playing in the background as well as a ton of stuffed toys for you to sit and take pictures with!

The atmosphere is very fun and light, a good place to take your friends to! All of the food is of course Gudetama as well!

My friend and I decided to get the curry, usually he has a little slice of bacon to cover him like a blanket, but because I’m vegetarian I asked them not to put it on; at least you can still see his little butt! The curry was actually very tasty and we devoured it within seconds.

We also wanted to try out the drinks even though they are always so pricey in Asia. I decided to get this soda, solely because you’re allowed to keep the cup afterwards! I got the mango one to match his colors and it was surprisingly not overly sweet, I really enjoyed it!


Overall it was a nice lunch, seriously worth it if you love Gudetama just as much as me!

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