April Favorites

April has come to an end and I have spent the last month living my best life in Tokyo. I plan to stay here for the rest of the year if possible and I am excited for what the city holds. Here are a few things from the past month that I have really enjoyed.

1. Melano CC (Vitamin C cream), while visiting Osaka my friend Rachel who has a knack for finding random, helpful products introduced me to this. When applied topically to the skin it’s supposed to improve collagen synthesis and therefore limit damage to the skin and provide an anti aging effect. Something simple and easy like this is the perfect thing to add to my night time routine and it really does feel refreshing after application.



2. Dry Cola, I’m a model and therefore I am basically required to be on a diet in order to keep my body at a certain size and appearance. Because of this I completely cut out soda and I have always been a HUGE coca-cola girl so it’s been incredibly hard. Every once in awhile I tend to crave something fizzy, but I have a deep hatred for sparkling water. That’s why I was so incredibly happy with Rachel also introduced me to Dry Cola, a Japanese brand of what I suppose you could call sparkling water because it really is just a bottle of fizz. Somehow without any calories or added sugar it still tastes like a refreshing bottle of Cola and leaves my fizzy desires satisfied. So far I have only been able to find it at Family Mart.



3. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, this book is not at all new but I had just discovered it at the airport on the way to Japan and thought it might be an interesting read. I just wanted an adventure and Paulo Coelho gave it to me. It’s a short book that is impossible to put down. I’m a huge believer in finding your purpose, your own personal legend, and Paulo puts it all into words so amazingly. After reading this book you will be motivated to find and fulfill your own personal legend. My favorite line form the book is most definitely, “If what one finds is made of pure matter, it will never spoil. And one can always come back. If what you had found was only a moment of light, like the explosion of a star, you would find nothing on your return.”


4. Violet Evergarden, This anime brought me to tears and really hit home. I love writing letters and I have written one or two to loved ones despite the technology of the world today. It was always so overwhelming for me: perhaps the feelings I’m trying to portray to that person might not get through to them. This anime follows a girl who was a weapon in war, dealing with the aftermath and learning the meaning of love after the only person who had ever loved her died. It’s a truly amazing and beautiful story that I highly suggest you sit down and enjoy, expect tears.


5. Pikachu Backpack, I got this backpack in a small shop in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles and I am now known as Pikachu among my coworkers. The brand is called Loungefly and they have a ton of different Pokemon themed bags that are so adorable! Everyone gets a kick out of it and it has helped me stand out a lot. I love this bag and highly suggest you check out their stuff as it is affordable and durable.


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