Hello! This is me!

I’m Emma and I have been modeling for over 3 years now, traveling the world and shooting for clothing brands you have probably never heard of and beauty brands you probably have. I have many stories and experiences that I want to organize and share.

I have always wanted to start a blog. I don’t really care if no one reads it. I really enjoy making it and putting together these memories, stories, and pictures I have. I hope that you will enjoy some of my confessions about the modeling world, my travel stories, my favorite things to get through the day, and just my general thoughts. 

Thank you for looking at my blog and reading about my life. I really like talking about a lot of this stuff and my friends are sick of me complaining to them about my “lavish” life. Here you will see just how shitty it really is to be a model, but just how great it is not to quit.

Emma Karla Peet